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COEUS on a laptop.

The University of Western Australia School of Dentistry approached to design and develop a web-based platform that accurately tracked how students progressed and performed in their clinical sessions. Since it's introduction early in 2017, the School of Dentistry have been able to identify and address weaknesses in their students far sooner than before.

Featured project COEUS

COEUS on a laptop.

Multi-A-Painter is's extension to the well-known web project A-Painter by the Mozilla VR team. The extension implements a very easy yet engaging way for multiple VR users to interact and create 3D paintings together in real-time. All that's required is a compatiable VR system, a computer, and any recent web browser that supports WebGL and WebVR. Multi-A-Painter was built to break down barriers like geographical isolation, culture & language, gender, age, and social standing.

Featured project Multi-A-Painter

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